Are Moving Parts in Smartphones too Reliable?

Oppo Find X, Vivo Nex….. are those thing enough good to be the future of flagships with a moving part?

2017, The year was filled with many flagships from most companies around the world. It brought a revolution in the smartphone industry. We saw Samsung S8, Iphone X, OnePlus 5 with plenty of great new features. Then it started to make sense for other companies to make something spacial out there. But what does spacial means? A smartphone with mechanically moving parts? That’s the big question.

#Vivo NEX.

It started with the Vivo Nex. They tried to make the bezels smaller and they could not afford a space for front cam and sensors. So the solution was to have a mechanical part which brings out the camera inside the phone itself. Image result for vivo nex

Well Vivo was pretty much successful in making some business, but what will be the future of those phones? Is Vivo going to be responsible for crashing of the moving part? Nope, they won’t.

#Oppo Find X.

Taking this out of the world trend to another level, Oppo made their latest trump card Find X. What is the spacial in this phone? Not in this phone, But the phone is spacial itself. Guess what? This has a complete section which comes out from very inside of the main body.Related image

OK. Let’s take this as an advancement of bezel-less phones. But it comes with too many sacrifices and issues. Let’s find out:

1. Jammed Inside.

What if the part is not coming out because of an issue. What you are going to do? You can’t go to customer service center twice a day! So that is surely going to suck your brain.

2. Using a Case?

I just thought, what if you use a case for the device? Nothing. You are going to have a flagship smartphone with no camera.

3. What about dirt?

It is common issue in today’s world that dirt and other such thing gets inside our phone, laptops. But you can clean it. What if dirt gets inside moving part? It will surely get jammed inside and not gonna come out ever.

4. Water Proof?

What about those words IP67, IP68…. this things are gone for so long. It is almost impossible to make a phone water resistant with moving part. So Good Luck!

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