Google Home Mini in Bangladesh

Google Home Mini in Bangladesh

Google’s new product “Google Home Mini” has come to the market. Although it is not yet officially launched Google Home Mini in Bangladesh, some of the online shopping centers in Bangladesh are available. In today’s post, I will show you all the features of Google’s new product “Google Home Mini”. At the beginning let’s take a look at some of these pictures.


It’s really beautiful designs. And since it’s a product of Google’s products and designs, it’s best to have the designs and features. It’s essentially the hardware support for the Google Assistance software. We can do this with Google help, and Google can do it.

Current market value:
Its current market price is 6,000TK which is equal to $49.

now you buy only 3,500Tk check it

shop Hare

The advantage of this is not to end because it is like Assistance.

1. Its main advantage is that it will work like our support.
2. You can easily correct any questions, and it will be done through Google search.
3. It will call you the name you want to call it.
4. If you say something to it, then you can remember it even if you do not remember it later.
5. It will also help you to relax.
6.It will remind you of different ebay if you keep it in advance. And much more.

How to use:

1. It includes a switch that is used to turn the microphone on or off.
2. Turning on the right side, lowering the sound and tucking the left side to the sound bar.
3. It has to be connected with Google Home
If you have any issues related to it, then please comment.
Thank You.

Google Home Mini in Bangladesh

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