Huawei says its upcoming OS software won’t replace Android

Huawei wants to stick with Google’s OS

We’re not by any stretch of the imagination sure what Huawei is really going after somewhere inside its product labs – Ark OS, conceivably, or Harmony OS – yet the organization says the working framework it’s structure is being intended for modern use instead of as an immediate Android substitution.

That is according to the state-upheld Xinhua news office, which reports a Huawei official demanding that Android will keep on running on Android telephones for a long time to come.

Huawei senior Vice President Catherine Chen told the media that the working framework – which additionally passes by the name Hongmeng – is “not for cell phones” and has definitely a bigger number of lines of code than would be required for buyer cell phones.

The remarks should be taken in a more extensive setting however: Huawei delegates have recently said that the Chinese tech goliath is in reality chipping away at a trade for Android. That may be valid too, obviously, regardless of whether what we know as Hongmeng or Ark or Harmony isn’t it.

The waiting game

In case you’re a little confounded about where Huawei is going with this, don’t stress, since you’re not the only one. This is all happening against the setting of Huawei’s stressed ties with the US, with the circumstance – and the open story – changing step by step.

Chen is accounted for as saying that Hongmeng has been in progress for a considerable length of time – something we definitely knew – and we had been persuade the OS may cover workstations and wearables just as cell phones.

Not really, as indicated by Chen’s most recent remarks, which might be proposed to cover up connections among Huawei and Google in the light of a conceivable facilitating of confinements. The two organizations have appreciated a solid association before, and it appears Huawei would very much want to stay with Android in the event that it gets the opportunity to do as such.

We can just watch out for what comes next with Huawei’s entrance to US programming and the working framework it keeps running on its telephones. The following lead due to touch base from the Huawei stable is the Huawei Mate 30 and Huawei Mate 30 Pro, expected around October time.

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