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Apple’s latest operating system iOS 12 is now out.

At this year’s ‘Worldwide Developer’s Conference’, Apple unveiled its latest operating system: iOS 12. While the final version of the new OS won’t be available until September, the company opened its beta program to the public. Now you can download it from official update in Apple devices.

iOS is the most secured operating system is Apple’s iOS. It’s latest edition iOS 12 is now out and making some shouts out there. There is some improvements, bug fixes, new features and so on. When iOS 11 came out, it was a big change in the UI of iOS. But this year, there is not so much changed in the UI. But the bad thing is it still has some serious bugs. So backup your data before upgrading. So let’s see what else we got.


It was the biggest change in iPhone history in iPhone X. It had a out of the world design, home button disappeared and what about the gesture controls? It is now on iPad. NO NO, not everything, only gestures.

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You’re able to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring you to the home screen, and to access the Control Center all you’ll need to do is swipe down from the top-right corner.


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Originally introduced in iOS 11.3, the battery health information feature allows you to check on how much power you’re using on specific apps. By going into Settings > Battery, you will see graphs that display your battery usage within the last 24 hours and the last two days. Underneath, you will be able to see your battery usage by each individual app and the usage time.

To check on your battery and throttling, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. From there, you will see your maximum battery capacity in comparison to when the battery was new.


iphone x tips and tricks portrait mode selfieiphone x tips and tricks portrait mode

Portrait Mode photos have improved. The camera now generates a mask when it detects a person in order to separate the person from the scene.

In addition, you will also be able to import RAW-format photos from your computer and camera with iOS 12 onto your iPhone and iPad. Apple says users will also have the ability to edit the RAW image files on their iPad Pro.


ios 12 features release date passwords 2ios 12 features release date passwords

With iOS 12, there are a variety of new password features. For developers specifically, the new OS will be able to show passwords from third-party password manager apps in the QuickType suggestions on your device — using a new Password Manager API. Users will also be able to easily share passwords between their iOS and Mac devices if they’re nearby one another.

Apple has also increased security on creating passwords. If you’re creating a password that you’ve already used on another account, it will be flagged and remind you not to reuse a password. It will also automatically create a strong password for you and then store it in your Keychain.

Siri will be able to help you with passwords as well — but not yet. While there isn’t much information on how this feature will work, Siri will apparently be able to help you search for passwords in the future.

iOS 12 also brings autofill support for third-party password managers. Whenever a login requires two-factor authentication, the new OS will automatically fill in the six-digit codes you receive through SMS on your iPhone.


You can now add two different Face ID profiles to unlock your phone and complete secure tasks. Hidden in the Face ID & Passcode settings, you’ll now find an option to add an alternate appearance.

It’s also easier to rescan your face in iOS 12 if Face ID did not recognize you on the first try. In iOS 12 you simply need to swipe up from the unlock screen Face ID failed on the first attempt. It’s a relatively minor enhancement, but one that makes using Face ID much more convenient.


In particular, iOS 12 will be focused on doubling down on performance. Apple plans on delivering an operating system that’s faster and more responsive across all iOS devices. The focus has mainly been on optimizing the system when it’s under load, with load speeds up to two times faster for sheet display and app launches.

CPU performance will also be ramped up to its highest state for performance and will be ramped down just as quickly in order to preserve battery life.

#ARKIT 2.0.

Following the release of ARKit with iOS 11 last year, iOS 12 brings along a new version. ARKit 2.0 delivers improved face tracking, realistic rendering, and support for 3D object detection. There’s also support for shared experiences with multi-user augmented reality — you’ll be able to play AR games against other users in the same virtual environment.


The all-new “For You” tab will provide you with featured photos. Whether it’s a photo you took on the same day a few years back or effect suggestions for looping a live photo, the tab provides individual suggestions for different actions you can take with the pictures in your album.

There’s also Sharing Suggestions, which will come in handy when you see all your friends and take tons of photos together. For example, if you go out to dinner and take pictures, you’ll see suggested photos you might want to share with your friends, along with who you specifically want to share them with. Each photo is shared at full resolution in your iCloud photo library.


With Siri Shortcuts, Siri is capable of much more via quick actions that can all be assigned through the new Shortcuts app. For example, if you use the Tile app, you can add a shortcut to Siri such as “I lost my keys.” That way, when do lose your keys, you can let Siri know and it will automatically start ringing your Tile.

You’ll also see suggestions for apps appear on your lock screen. If you’re running late, Siri will suggest you text the meeting organizer, or remind you to call your grandmother on your birthday. Even if you’re at the movies, Siri will suggest putting your phone on Do Not Disturb.

Users will be able to use Siri Shortcuts on not only their iPhone, but also on the HomePod and Apple Watch.


The News app didn’t receive a huge overhaul — those who use it on the iPad will now have a sidebar to scroll through in order to make it easier to find stories. As for the Stocks app, there’s a new sparkline that shows stock performance throughout the day. Apple News has also been integrated into the Stocks app, allowing you to see top stories right in Stocks without having to leave the app. You’ll see relevant headlines from Apple News and be able to tap on them to view the full article. Stocks will also be coming to iPad with iOS 12.

Apple has also updated the Voice Memos app with availability on the iPad. The app also has added iCloud support, allowing you to sync your recordings across all Apple devices.

Previously known as iBooks, the redesigned app also has a new name — Apple Books. New features include a “Reading Now” section that previews where you left off, allowing you to easily pick right back up again. There’s also a new “Book Store” that makes browsing for new books easier than it was before.

With CarPlay, Apple has added support for third-party navigation apps.


Rather than seeing a long list of notifications, iOS 12 will now group them for you — not just by the app but also by topic and thread. You’ll be able to tap in and look at a particular notification and then delete an entire thread with a single swipe.

You’ll also be able to tune your notifications and decide whether you want a particular app to send you ones in the future or if you want it to bypass the lock screen. Siri will even suggest which notifications you should turn off depending on the apps you don’t use often.


The new OS also brings along more Animojis — specifically the ghost, koala, tiger, and T. Rex. There’s also a new feature that allows you to add a tongue to any Animoji. According to Apple, Animoji can also now pick up on winking but we tried it out ourselves and found that it wasn’t successful.

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