MIUI 12 all features


Here is the list of features of MIUI 12

  • Super wallpapers & animated AOD
  • New system animations
  • Perfect dark mode 2.0
  • Improved privacy controls
  • Better multitasking
  • AI phone assistant
  • Classic themes in super quality
  • Health tracker

Now, let’s speak at length about how amazing the MIUI 12 is and its unique features

Super wallpapers & animated AOD

Wallpaper is not a thing to mention but MIUI 12 brings a new ‘Super wallpaper’ option where users can set certain planets as their wallpaper. They even can examine and keep any part of a planet as their live wallpaper as well as animated AOD (Always on Display). Currently, Mars and Earth are only available at the moment but we can expect further planets with future updates. The feature is somewhat similar to Google Earth.

List of phones confirmed to receive MIUI 12 update

New system animations

Users always get attracted to design and animations in a smartphone. Xiaomi came up with its Framework called ‘MIUI Light Cone Motion Effect Architecture’. This framework has two engines viz. Rendering Engine and Physical Engine.

The ‘Rendering Engine’ allows real-world light and shadow, smooth rounded corners, G2 curvature, advanced interface colour mixing, real-time blur, and dynamic rounded corners all over the UI.

Coming to the ‘Physical Engine’, it is responsible for enhanced system animations. The animations are realistic and smooth which offers a satisfying experience. Users can close an app even half-way through opening it. Hence, this brand new animation experience helps in opening or closing apps according to the userspace. Sometimes, while rotating the screen, flashing or ghosting occurs and this is solved by ‘Dynamic Form’ with smoother animations. Almost everything in the system is remastered with exciting animations like the screen rotation, control centre, battery app, and much more.

New system animations of miui

Perfect dark mode 2.0

Xiaomi’s Dark Mode 2.0 offers standard dark mode features including high colour saturation, automatic brightness, reducing contrast and font adjustments to reduce eye strain during the night. MIUI 11 already has a dark mode but it has left its users wanted for as it feels somewhat unpolished. But with the new MIUI 12, we see a big change as system applications will have a better optimized dark mode.

Perfect dark mode 2.0

Improved privacy controls

The privacy in any smartphone is the most important part. Xiaomi kept in mind the security and privacy of users. Whenever an app wants to access location or camera, a message will pop up whether you want to access or deny it. Earlier, Android 10 developer mode had his feature but Xiaomi tweaked it a little and made it a bit more secure. On top of it, the permissions needed by an app will be shown to you and also the phone usage history by the system.

Also an out of the box idea for Android phones, Xiaomi added a feature where the system will provide blank data to any apps that request to access data in MIUI 12. This is a similar idea like that of Apple’s ‘Sign-in with Apple’ feature. The system provides a fake identity to those apps which can be customized by users at any time. This prevents users to share their original info to vicious apps.

Improved privacy controls of new MIUI

Better multitasking

MIUI 12 now brings better multitasking support. Various apps or games still don’t support split-screen features. To solve this, Xiaomi enabled floating apps (picture-in-picture / PiP). This feature will allow users to use apps in float mode. It also comes with gesture features also it can adapt to different usage scenarios.

MIUI 12 brings Better multitasking

AI phone assistant

AI phone assistant is another feature that is added to MIUI 12 which is similar to Google screen calls. This feature is specially designed with hearing abilities. Various numbers of AI-generated responses are there to keep the conversation going for hearing or vocal disabilities. According to Xiaomi, the AI has responded to over 4 million calls and helped them in the last 6 months.

AI phone assistant

Classic themes in super quality

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, Xiaomi is re-releasing old generation classic themes in super quality along with new themes and a separate section for AOD (Always on Display) for over 1000+ third-party animated AOD styles.

Classic themes in super quality

Health tracker

Xiaomi is also introducing the health app where it will records how much walking, climbing stairs, cycling, running is done. For this, you have to keep the phone in your pocket at all times. It will only consume 1% of the device battery. The app will also monitor your sleep, record your snore as well as the words spoken during dreaming. The app will store the data in the device and not in the cloud for privacy purposes.

Health Tracker on MIUI 12


Nowadays, most of the smartphone users always want a phone with elegant OS and many features. Even some of the users compromise hardware for a better-looking UI. As we all know software is the soul in a smartphone. A bugless beautiful UI is all a user crave for. After the successful global spread of MIUI 11, Xiaomi has introduced its brand new MIUI 12 Android skin. Currently, Chinese users are getting the taste of the new UI. In India, we will have to wait for a few months to receive the update on our Xiaomi devices.

Xiaomi MIUI 12 Update release date



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